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Torches          SGL7         D8L8 D8 Ultra
 FIT-LED  SGL7 DBL8 Laser  DB-Ultra


CopperTree Forensics Showcase Video Links

CopperTree Forensics Laser & LED Light Source Advert https://youtu.be/aONJsP4Tzy4

Forensic Investigation Torch

Video showcasing the power and quality of or FIT Blue  LED Torch locating traces for sexual assault training investigation, at an outside scene. https://youtu.be/TOAGf0JPPgc

Forensic Investigation Torch 

Video showcasing the FIT light being used in conjunction with the disposable bag, to ensure integrity and cleanliness of the light source.  https://youtu.be/MeGyXokv_os

CiFi Torch & Clean Extreme AntiBacterial Scrubbable Matt Paint

CiFi Torch supports targeted cleaning process  https://youtu.be/TC48CpZowNw

CiFi Torch Visualising the Cleaning Process

The CiFi Torch enables a quick cleaning process with Clean Extreme AntiBacterial Scrubbable Paint https://youtu.be/4FNuMvZcFvA

WorkSafe Station – Infection Control Solution https://youtu.be/IFPoa9rBTAk

CiFi Torch & Infection Control  https://youtu.be/hbm5f2h6jbs